Here Are The Tips for Vacationing With Family During Pandemic

Here Are The Tips for Vacationing With Family During Pandemic

traveling in pandemic times becomes a difficult activity to do. Especially with restrictions or tightening at a number of entrances to tourist destinations.

However, the holiday can still be done if you are already very sto to be at home and need refreshing with a vacation.

One of them is to go on holiday alone or just with family. Special holiday with family, travel blogger Wira Nurmansyah has shared her tips to stay comfortable and safe during the pandemic.

So, what are some tips from Wira that are shared? Here s a summary of tips for family vacations during pandemics:

Holiday with housemates

Vacationing with family in the middle of a pandemic is indeed a recommendation of how to travel in the middle of a pandemic.

However, that doesn’t mean you can take a vacation with your big family in the middle of a pandemic. That is, you are advised to stay on vacation only with your family.

Going out with a family that’s one house won’t worry you because every day it’s interacting together at home.

It is not recommended to go on holiday with a large family, or even family of friends or relatives in this pandemic period.

Private car ride

The recommended mode of transport to go on holiday with family in times of pandemic is private cars.

Private cars are considered much safer than other modes of public transport in times of pandemic.

That’s because public transport mode allows many people in one place, so it is assessed as potentially spreading the virus.

Car rental

If you don’t have a private car, you can rent a rental car that is currently crowded in times of pandemic.

Car transportation is safer because of the heavy load. In addition, you should also make sure that the person in the car is your one-family home.

Car rental prices vary depending on the rental time period. Some are 12 hours, some can even be rented all day.

The advantages of the car can also be directly brought by yourself and determine which places to visit, without having to wait for public transportation to come at the stop, terminal, airport, or station.

Staycation at the hotel

The last tip of a family holiday in pandemic times is to choose a staycation at the hotel only. This option is indeed crowded to target people who are tired of being at home.

Staycation with family in the hotel is much safer because each is already known to each other.

Don’t go far, just visit the hotels near your house. This is because if you go too far or out of town, it’s just like a regular vacation.

You can also experience being a tourist in your own city by stayingcation at a hotel near home.