How to Video Bokeh on Android Phones Only 1 Camera

How to Video Bokeh on Android Phones Only 1 Camera

Intention to replace cellphones with dual cameras so you can video bokeh, but are you still getting in the way of the money that doesn’t collect?

Take it easy because Android phones that still have the main camera can make videos with a blurred background.

Curious? Here we will review how to make bokeh videos on Android that you must try!

Compared to using a smartphone with dual cameras, of course making video blur will be trickier when you use a smartphone that only has a rear camera.

But this time we have tips and tricks on how to “hack” your camera so that the video results are not inferior to smartphones that have a price of up to tens of millions.

It’s better to see the complete steps below first.

1. Get close to the video object

A bokeh video focuses on one object that generally fills the frame. So in doing so, you must get close to the video object you want to shoot.

Remember! What is set is the camera distance, not the zoom!

Make sure the camera distance from the video object is at least 1.5-2.5 meters. Then after getting close, make sure you put the main object of the video in the very front of the frame or the foreground position.

2. Set the distance between the object and the background video

After adjusting the distance between the camera and the video object, you must re-adjust the distance between the object and the background.

Avoid backgrounds that are too close like walls and so on. The concept is that the farther the background is, the more blurry the bokeh video you can produce.

3. Avoid lots of video objects and crowded backgrounds

To maximize bokeh videos, you have to avoid too many objects in the video frame. Simply put, portrait mode for making bokeh videos will only work if all objects are aligned. If you want to video with friends, you can only do it with a small group, guys. We recommend that you take videos with only 2-3 people to produce the best bokeh videos.

4. Tap Object and Use Manual Focus

To get the best results, before taking a video shoot you must adjust the focus on the video object.

You can tap the face or objects in the foreground. If it’s in bright enough conditions, don’t forget to adjust the number of exposure guys.

Apart from that, you can also use the manual focus feature available on some cameras. With this feature, you can adjust the level of blur and the focal length of the smartphone camera.

5. Remember the Rule of Thirds Composition

One of the important elements in making the best bokeh videos is adjusting the composition. Placing the video object in the right position can make the resulting video even more dramatic with a blurred background.

The composition commonly used by videographers is the rule of third. To do this, you can activate the grid on the screen as a reference.

Place the object on a vertical line either on the right or left side, and leave the background on the reverse side.

6. Use the Lens Blur feature in Google Camera

In addition to the five methods above, you can also take advantage of the Lens Blur feature in the Google Camera application. To use this mode, you must be 1.5 meters away from the object then take a video by moving the smartphone up slowly. You can do Lens Blur mode easily even without using a dual-camera smartphone.

Even though the results are not yet perfect, they are suitable for sharing on social media.

7. Use a Bokeh Video Editing Application

Today’s smartphones are equipped with quite sophisticated camera specifications, some of which can even match professional cameras.

To create amazing blur background videos, you can also use several applications. If you want to know more information please visit here video bokeh museum.