Recognize the 6 Benefits of Various Children’s Play Areas at School

Recognize the 6 Benefits of Various Children’s Play Areas at School

Do children like to play in the children’s play area or playground?

Children’s play areas at school or in parks usually provide a variety of fun facilities such as swings, slides, climbing, seesaw, or sandboxes.

Did you know, it turns out that this fun play area is also very beneficial for the physical and mental development of children! Yes, children have a reason to linger in their favorite play area.

Here are the six main benefits of the Kids play area:

1. Build muscle and bone strength

During their infancy, children need to build muscle and bone strength. For that, the child must move enough.

By playing in the children’s play area, children become more active and can build muscle and bone strength.

For example, when playing on a swing. The strength of his spine is also built because he has to maintain good posture, that is, sitting up straight. Likewise with the seesaw game will train the strength of the muscles in the child’s legs.

2. Improve motoric skills

Various children’s games such as hanging or climbing will help children practice their motor skills.

The reason is, the child will learn to grip the handle tightly and steadily. He also has to be able to move his hands at a certain speed so they don’t fall.

3. Train children’s coordination

In addition to motor skills, children will also learn to train their body and mind coordination.

For example, when he played the swing. When the child wants to get off the swing, he must first slow down the swing rate by adjusting the footrest on the ground with his body movements.

Another example is when he climbs a Triangle Pikler and down. From a standing position after climbing a ladder, he should be able to sit at the top of the Triangle Pikler without slipping down.

To slide down safely, children learn to coordinate their legs, arms, and body in finding the safest sitting position.

4. Exercise balance

Children’s games such as hanging, climbing, or swinging train their ability to maintain balance.

Even when sliding down from the slide, he had to stay balanced if he didn’t want to fall sideways because he was sitting too tilted. He also became accustomed to a stable and upright posture.

5. Hone social skills

Not only physical abilities, but children can also get social benefits from play areas at school or parks.

In the play area, children learn to share, queue, and have solidarity with children who also play with them. Not infrequently children will make friends through

6. Instill self-confidence

Successfully hovering from one end to the other in the hanging game will make your child feel more confident. Like a wise, child he succeeded in building a sandcastle with his beloved bucket and shovel.

By playing in the game area, it will grow the courage of children to try new things as well as instill pride in having conquered various challenges.

So what are you waiting for? Immediately invite the children to play in the exciting game area, let’s go! Let the child play for at least half an hour per day, yes.