Top Fascinating Things That You Probably Don’t Know About Adelaide

Top Fascinating Things That You Probably Don’t Know About Adelaide

Forget the class system, egalitarianism, or any harmful myth that you’ve heard about the Aussies. Being the largest city in one of the most beautiful countries worldwide, Adelaide harbors all the serene, relaxed, and unhurried life rhythm that you seek.

So, before you book that flight from Hong Kong to Adelaide or anywhere else, here’s what to keep at the back of your mind.

Foodie Or Not, There Is Plenty

Seeing Aussies treating their tasting buds in the local restaurants is a rule of thumb in Adelaide. Adelaide is famous for both mouth-watering local foods and foreign cuisines. The locals are so proud of what they produce, and resisting Adelaide’s urge will be impossible.

Convenient And Affordable Accommodation

Finding the right place to lay your head, relax, or even just chill out in Adelaide is not quite a daunting task. Adelaide offers some of the best accommodations that are very affordable and convenient in proximity to the city.

For instance, a four-bedroomed home in a well-laid backyard goes for less than $500k!

Shops Close Sooner Than Expected On The Weekends.

Like most developed and busy cities globally, shops in Adelaide also close early and sooner than you could expect. Therefore, you need to plan most of your weekend shopping earlier than 5 pm so that you don’t miss out on anything.

Adelaide’s Tranquility Will Amaze You

If you like a calm and tranquil place, then you will love your stay in Adelaide. Unlike most of Australia’s big cities, Adelaide boasts a peaceful, laid-back, and reposeful environment with no horrible traffic and massive crowds.

Magnificent Beaches Are A Stone Throw Away!

You won’t drive for a long time before seeing Port Noarlunga, Brighton, or even Glenelg. During the summer, Adelaide’s beaches may get crowded a bit, but there are still many other quieter beaches if you love tranquillity and a calm beach.

Adelaide Has One Of The Best Wine Regions Globally

Are you a wine expert? Then prepare to be awed with what Adelaide has to offer. Adelaide harbors one of the great wine regions globally, and the best part is that you won’t have to drive far to get there.

You should be making your playlist now because the wineries here will take your breath away.

There is This AFL; You’ll Love it!

You don’t have to be a fan to love AFL in Adelaide. You will get yourself torn between Port Adelaide or Adelaide Crows because those two play its pure greatness in Adelaide. During that time, the city comes to a standstill, and nothing more than AFL reigns.

Summers Are Dry In Adelaide

It is scorching and dry in Adelaide during the summer. You can therefore get acquainted with that and plan your leisure or recreational activities accordingly. This is the time to make frequent visits to fantastic beaches or even spend the most time with your family at home!

People Hibernate During Winter

We can just say that Aussies are not wintering people. They love their restaurants, they are outgoing, but in the winter days, they prefer their homes more. It really gets cold during the nights, and most people hibernate indoors.

Be On The Look Out; People Don’t Like Using Their Indicators.

The speed restriction may be optional, and most cyclists and other drivers don’t like using that indicator button in Adelaide. The Aussies are very great people, but I find it rather hard to understand why most of them don’t use indicators, or should we say Aussies just don’t like other drivers in their lanes.

People Are Close To Their Parents In Adelaide

Most people in Adelaide live close to their parents. They also hang out almost all the time with their parents. If you spot someone who caught your attention dining with a group of people on one of your trips to the restaurant, don’t be afraid to make your move after the meal. She could be single and just in the company of her family.